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Forum Rules

MCSkyNetwork has established a set of guidelines and expectations in order for a better community. By registering and owning an account on MCSkyNetwork, you agree to the guidelines, as well as the TOS.

MCSkyNetwork has established a set of guidelines and expectations for its everyone to follow. By registering and creating an account on MCSkyNetwork, you agree to the Guidelines, as well as the Terms and Conditions of Service.

If you have any concerns about whether or not you are allowed to do something here at MCSkyNetwork, feel free to contact a staff member. If something may not be listed here in the Guidelines, it doesn’t mean it isn’t listed somewhere else.

  • Do not promote or encourage the violation of any of our rules or TOS.

  • Do not hint, suggest, or request a reaction on yourself or another member.
  • Do not use giving/receiving reactions as a currency, reward, or condition.

  • Do not spam/stalk members with reactions.

  • Do not abuse the reports/chat-reports/scam-reports/support ticket system.

  • Do not report members/content for a reason which has already been denied.

  • Do not spam the reports/chat-reports/support ticket system with the same reason or content.

  • Do not create posts outside the support section when using an account for support/appeals.

  • Do not slander or otherwise trash another member, person, or thread.

  • Do not post derogatory content in which you are not informative and constructive.

  • Do not publicly criticise unless in a thread dedicated to the content or the reputation system.

  • Do not disrespect, harass, hate on, or troll another member or person.

  • Do not comment to purposely degrade or disturb the peace of another member or person.

  • Do not continue to send things, or content regarding people after being asked by them to stop.

  • Do not impersonate another member, person.

  • Do not post content where the majority of what is posted is an image or other media.

  • Do not post content whose only purpose is to bump a thread.

  • Do not post in a language other than English unless told to or limited to private conversation.

  • Do not post content intended to mislead, lure, or shock users.

  • Do not false advertise, post screamers, promote clickbait, or rickroll.

  • Do not post content requesting the addition of a staff, as staffs are picked when necessary.

  • Do not post content which suggests whether someone should be considered for staff.

  • Do not post pornographic, sexually explicit, or graphics, or otherwise NSFW content.

  • Do not post content which may impair our users’ ability to navigate the site.

  • Do not post images which are too large in size.

  • Do not post images which are too flashy, and/or may trigger epileptic seizures.

  • Do not share your important personal information.

  • Do not share your account passwords or other login credentials with any users.

  • Do not spam or promote spam anywhere on our site.

  • Do not attempt to deceive, ignore, or otherwise abuse the staff members of this site.

  • Do not continue to argue with staff members over staffing decisions after it has been finalized.

  • Do not post threads in the wrong forum/section.

  • Do not discuss, or promote sites which could be considered to compete with MCSkyNetwork.

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