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Map Submission Guidelines

Discussion in 'Map Submissions' started by Synoptic, Jun 27, 2019.

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  1. Synoptic

    Synoptic Owner Owner

    Hello there!

    So you are interested in creating maps for SkyNetwork PvP to get them featured in-game?

    To submit maps for SkyNetwork PvP, please follow the guidelines below:

    • Maps must have at least 2 team bases and a maximum of 4 team bases.

    • Team bases must have enough space for the "Loadout Shop".

    • Maps should be specifically designed for the gamemode that is being created. (EX: If I wanted to make a KOTH map, I would have to create the locations for each command point for each team.)

    • When submitting, make sure to include:
    - Map name
    - Gamemode
    - # of teams
    - Pictures!
    - Your IGN & Contributers

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