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Official "SkyNetwork PvP" Guide

Discussion in 'SkyNetwork PvP' started by Synoptic, Jun 8, 2019.

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  1. Synoptic

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    SkyNetwork PvP Guide:

    New to SkyNetwork PvP? No worries! This guide will explain the basis of SkyNetwork PvP so you can get started right away. Also, be sure to complete all the tutorials found in spawn to earn some coins!

    Red , Blue,Yellow, and Purple.

    In between each round, there will be a 1 minute intermission. During that time, people can vote for the map of their liking. After voting time, players can jump in the portal to enter the game.

    Events are random and will affect random players in game! Events could either be positive or negative and will occur randomly.

    • Killing players will earn you money while dying loses you a little bit of money. The amount of money gained/lost will vary based on you are your enemy's loadout.

    Whenever you die, you respawn with the same loadout
    (Example: I have full iron armor, a diamond sword, a bow, 15 arrows and 15 apples. If I die, I'll respawn with the exact same loadout!)

    • With coins, you can buy loadout upgrades. These upgrades will stay with you forever! However, you are required to purchase certain item sets in order.

    Armor Order:
    Leather > Gold > Chain > Iron > Diamond

    Sword Order:
    Gold > Wood > Stone > Iron > Diamond

    Food Order:
    Cookie > Melon > Apple > Carrot > Bread > Baked Potato > Golden Carrot > Steak

    Secondary Items:
    Bow, fishing rod and a golden apple!

    You can buy more arrows. You start out with 5, and whenever you upgrade, you will get 5 additional arrows.

    When you have full diamond armor and sword, you will have the ability to “Tier”. Every time you tier, only your armor, sword and money will reset. Tiering gives you exclusive access to the Tier Shop, where you can buy special items!. When you are Tier 10, you have the ability to “Rebirth”, which resets your tier!

    Tier Items Guide:

    Item Switching: Once you purchase multiple tier items, you may find yourself confused on how to switch between your weapons or potions! All you have to do is have the weapon/potion/etc. In your hand and left-click, cycling through your loadout!

    The higher tier you are, the better potions you can buy (For example: When your tier 0, you can’t get any potions. You get 5 potions PER ROUND.

    Tier 1:
    Speed potion and Splash potion of Slowness

    Tier 2:
    Strength potion and Splash potion of Weakness

    Tier 3:
    Regeneration potion and Splash potion of Harming.
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