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SkyNetwork PvP Gamemodes Guide

Discussion in 'SkyNetwork PvP' started by Synoptic, Jun 8, 2019.

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  1. Synoptic

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    Gamemodes Guide:

    SkyNetwork PvP offers many exciting gamemodes. Note that more gamemodes may be added in the future! Find information here about the available gamemodes work.

    Team Deathmatch:
    • Kill the enemy team(s) in order to rack up points for your team to win the game!

    Capture the Flag:
    • When you have the flag, your helmet will into the opposing team’s colored banner.

    • To capture a flag, simply capture and return the enemy team's flag to your team's flag.

    King of the Hill (Control Point):
    • This is the SkyNetwork PvP version of KoTH. Each team will have their own control point in which they must protect.

    • Gain points by capturing other command points around the map. Be sure to defend all captured points to avoid the enemy team from winning!

    • The Artifact will be in the center of the map. The goal for this gamemode is to work with your team to grab and hold the Artifact as long as possible. Holding the Artifact will gain points for your team.

    • Watch out for the Guardian, the protector of the Artifact!

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